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It is an unfortunate reality that people sometimes neglect to conduct themselves in a reasonable and safe manner and this failure to exercise reasonable care can result in injuries to the person or property of others. The personal and financial effect of an injury caused by another can be substantial and the law entitles those that are injured to recover monetary compensation for their injuries from the party responsible. The attorneys at Benbrook & Benbrook, LLC have extensive experience with personal injury cases.


Wrongful Death Wrongful death cases arise in any situation where negligence or unlawful action causes or contributes to an individual's death. For surviving family members, the emotional distress, medical bills, funeral expenses, and loss of income that result from a loved one's wrongful death can be overwhelming. Our dedicated lawyers at Benbrook and Benbrook help families understand their rights and get the compensation they are entitled.

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Kevin Benbrook, Esq.

kevin benbrookKevin Benbrook has practiced business law in New Jersey for over 20 years. Mr. Benbrook is a seasoned attorney and specializes in Business Litigation, Real Estate Law and Estate Planning.

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